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Below are the steps for joining Stanford EMS.

Eligibility Criteria:

Only Stanford undergraduates, graduates, faculty, staff members, and alumni can join StEMS. Unfortunately, community members without a current University affiliation are ineligible.

Earn your EMT Certification/License

To earn your license, you must

  1. Successfully complete an EMT course.
  2. Pass the National Registry exam.
  3. Apply for a California state license.

Click here for directions to obtain your certification


  • Can I earn my EMT certification at Stanford?

Yes. The Stanford Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training class is a one-year course designed to give students the theoretical and practical training they need to take the National Registry certification exam and become certified as EMT-1s (basics). For more information, visit the class website: Surgery 211.

  • I passed the National Registry exam, and now need my California state license. Which county in California should I apply to?

You can apply to any county in the state of California. Although your certification will be specific to one county in California, it will be valid statewide and therefore valid for StEMS. If you do not have a preferred county, we recommend earning your certification in Santa Clara County because it is close to Stanford’s campus. For more information, visit the Santa Clara County website: SCC portal.

  • I passed the National Registry exam, and I earned my state license in another state other than California. What should I do?

Because we operate in California, all StEMS members must have a valid California state license. If you have a certification from a state other than California, you will have to use your NREMT to get reciprocity to practice as an EMT (i.e. the requirements for you are the same as for a non-EMT). If your NREMT has lapsed, you will need to renew it first. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us @

  • My EMT license has expired. What should I do?

If your EMT certification has expired within the last 2 years, you are eligible for recertification without retaking the EMT training class, but a refresher course is required, depending on how long it has been since your certification expired. For more information about recertifying in Santa Clara County, see this website:

If you have specific questions regarding your EMT license, email us at

Apply to StEMS

To apply to StEMS, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an affiliate of Stanford University (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff, or alumni)
  2. Possess a valid EMT-1 for the state of California
  3. Possess a valid CPR certification (either American Heart Association, or American Red Cross)

Application Process:

We host several application cycles every year. The application process is made up of three parts: the application, the interview, and orientation. The dates for each step are outlined below. Email @ for further information.

 2023-2024Application Submission WindowInterviewsMandatory New Member Orientation
FallOpen: Sep. 5th
Due: Oct. 13th
 Week of Oct. 16thOct. 22nd (all day)
Note: There is no spring cycle for 2023-2024. Deadlines are at 11:59pm (midnight at the end of the day). Attendance at Member Orientation required for all days listed.

Note: All applicants who are accepted into StEMS are REQUIRED to attend New Member Orientation. The orientation date will not change for an application cycle. If you are unavailable for this date, we ask that you apply for a different cycle.
The StEMS application can be found at this link:

Complete the application above and then submit your application to during your cycle’s application window.

Complete a probationary quarter

Newly-accepted applicants are probationary members for at least one academic quarter. Upon completion of probationary requirements, you will be promoted to a full-member in StEMS.