Free Hands-Only CPR Classes

StEMS Hands-Only CPR Classes

StEMS is now offering free Hands-Only CPR classes to any Stanford campus group that would like them. These classes are a lot of fun and are a great way to prepare yourself to save a life.

What is Hands-Only CPR?

Traditionally, CPR classes have been taught to include rescue breathing, along with compressions, in a 30 compressions to 2 breaths ratio. This is great, but recent research has found that people who learned CPR had trouble remembering the ordering and did not give any compressions out of fear of making the situation worse. Additional research has shown that compressions themselves are what are truly important and that the rescue breaths add little, if any, benefit in the first few minutes following an arrest.

What is truly important when someone’s heart stops beating, is to to get 911 there soon and to get high-quality compressions started fast. For every one minute that CPR is delayed, there is a 10% decrease in the survival rate.

Hands-only CPR is extremely easy and extremely safe, it is also what 911 operators coach callers to do. It is recommended by the American Heart Association, and you can find more about it at the AHA website.

What is Included in a Class?

We will teach about how to recognize an emergency, and what to do immediately after seeing someone collapse in public, including how to best use and get additional resources, assess a patient, do CPR, and use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). We will also answer any questions you have about doing CPR in the real world. For small groups, the entire class should take 20 to 30 minutes.

We will bring CPR mannequins and trainer AEDs to all classes, no preparation is necessary on the part of any attendees, you can just show up and learn CPR.

Requesting a Hands-Only CPR Class

Any group on campus can request a Hands-Only CPR class from StEMS, we are happy to teach in dorms, dining halls, conference rooms, and offices. We can handle very small to very large groups, and again, all classes are free.

To request a class for your group, or for you and your friends, please contact us at:

Learn More

We have much more information about how to find AEDs and perform CPR on our outreach page check it out to learn more about CPR right now.